Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Muneer solutions ensure compliance with various WCAG 2.1 and 2.2 standards and Digital Government Agency standards.

No, Muneer tool has been optimized to minimize the impact on website loading times.

Muneer provides additional options for website owners who wish to address deeper accessibility issues through manual audits or checks using Muneer Insight tools.

Yes, Muneer offers significant discounts for more than 10 websites, as well as discounts for educational sectors and third-sector entities.

Yes, Muneer's accessibility tool processes and resolves changes made to the website automatically.

Keep in mind that each subdomain requires a separate subscription. For example, if you have different subdomains like my.example.com or news.example.com, you will need to purchase separate subscriptions for each. Muneer offers discounts on subdomains according to its pricing and offers policy (Request a meeting with the sales team now).

Muneer stands out as the first Arabic product for comprehensive accessibility and digital inclusivity. It has developed Arabic fonts suitable for individuals with reading difficulties (dyslexia), provided Arabic voice commands, and built Muneer to comply with legislative requirements in the region. In addition, Muneer offers direct and local technical support, along with continuous growth and development plans for the tool to align with local, regional, and global requirements. Muneer's extensive user base makes it a reliable and powerful choice for accessibility without collecting user data.

No, Muneer does not collect any personal identification information or behavioral data from websites or visitors. Check out our privacy policy [here](link to privacy policy).

No, Muneer does not provide support in handling compliance-related letters or lawsuits by offering assessments and documentation of compliance for our user interface elements. However, Muneer Insight tools can be used to obtain comprehensive reports on compliance with relevant systems and legislation.

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